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Where History meets History- 20th Anniversary of James Joyce Prague

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Right in the heart of this beautiful city on November 5 1993 the first pint of Guinness flowed from the ‘black’ fountain at the James Joyce. Little did we then realize the special if small part our cosy Irish Pub would play in the recent history of drinking, eating & conversation( the craic) in Prague.

Since then we have become part of the landscape here in this Golden City & many famous & not so famous have passed through our doors,enjoyed our unique food & supped the Black Stuff!! President Vaclav Havel, Hynek Bocan, Petr Vacek( add more) Liam Neeson, Richard Harris, Bob Geldof, Denis Hopper, Eliza Wood  & others have passed through our doors. History was indeed being made over these 20 years.

To celebrate our 20th Birthday from November 5 to November 10 we bring you the chance to enjoy another piece of history.

Long before Guinness had its creamy head & famous ‘surge’ in pubs all over Ireland people ordered ‘ A pint of plain ‘ please!! It was an Extra Dry Stout known as Porter. Now & exclusively we will bring you ‘ A Pint of Plain ‘ brewed to the exact recipe & made in the old way.

It’s just a little part of our extensive celebrations- for fuller details & a programme follow us on Facebook, James Joyce Prague Irish Pub.
Whiskeys tastings, special food & drink offers, music programme, ‘then & now’ parade and lots more- don’t miss it!!


Special Nostalgia Menu every day & Live Music each evening.


November 5th – from 17.00hrs special price launch of Molly’s Plain Porter (only 59 Kc normal price 79 Kc). An Extra Dry Stout to the original recipe & brewed exclusively for our 20th Anniversary. ‘A Pint of Plain is yer only man ‘

November 6th – from 19.00hrs. Celebratory Irish Whiskey tasting with sommelier, tasting notes + Irish Coffee Special. Enjoy 20 wonderful Irish Whiskeys, one for every year, for just 395 Kc. Plus Irish Coffee Extravaganza with František Roháček, Czech Republic Coffee Barista Champion. František will join us to create the best & most luxurious Irish Coffee you have ever enjoyed.

November 7th – from 19.00hrs Dingle Distillery night. Introducing for the first time on mainland Europe the new & wonderful Gin & Vodka from Dingle Distillery. Special prices & innovative Dingle Gin & Vodka based cocktails.

November 8th – from 19.00hrs. The Big One. This is our party night where the drinks will flow, the craic will be 90 & where old friends from far & near will come together to recall old times. In the time honoured James Joyce tradition the hospitality will not be found wanting. Theme of the evening is friendship, toast of the evening ‘ to friends old & new but especially to those no longer with us’, drink of the evening – ‘a Pint of Plain is yer only man’!!! Lots of surprises, nostalgia barmen, Now & Then Parade etc. etc…

November 9th – from 10.00hrs. All day long Recovery Breakfast. Everything that you need to cure the indulgences of previous days & nights & all at special prices. We will make you the very best Bloody Mary based on Dingle Vodka, tomato passata & tomato juice enhanced with Sexy Curry Company Spicy relish, & lots of fresh vegetables – there’s eatin & drinkin on it!!!

November 10th – from 11.00hrs. It’s Family Day at the Joyce with all the favourites from the Old Days, Sunday Roasts & very special kiddies specials.

The evening, from 19.00hrs, is reserved for those with true stamina when we will offer many drinks & meals at friendly prices.