The James Joyce Irish Pub

Daily Lunch Menu

Lunch Offer


Monday 20.5.

French onion soup     39,- Kč


  1. Indian chicken curry with chickpeas, rice 145,- Kč
  2. Sausage sandwich with Irish bacon and egg, fries 145,- Kč
  3. Ham and cheddar cheese salad with lemon mayo 119,- Kč



Tuesday 21.5.

Lentil soup with sausage  39,- Kč


  1. BBQ chicken legs, homemade fr. fries, chive dip 145,- Kč
  2. Chilli con carne with rice             145,- Kč
  3. Beetroot salad with nuts 119,- Kč


Wednesday 22.5.

Creamy chicken soup with mushrooms  39,- Kč


  1. Roast beef sandwich, horseradish mayo, red onion, fries 145,- Kč
  2. Homemade beef rissoles, potato mash, tartar sauce 145,- Kč
  3. Chick pea, red onion and feta cheese salad 119,- Kč


Thursday 23.5.

Cream of celery  39,- Kč


  1. Pork tenderloin, mushroom risotto, basil pesto 145,- Kč
  2. Red thai chicken curry with jasmine rice 145,- Kč
  3. Salad with smoked salmon and capers                         119,- Kč


Friday 24.5.

Beef bouillon with noodles 39,- Kč


  1. Fried cod in herb breadcrumbs, mash pot., tartar s. 145,- Kč
  2. Pulled pork burger, coleslaw             145,- Kč
  3. Salad with blue cheese and pickled onions 119,- Kč


Don´t forget to get your free small beer or coke!