The James Joyce Irish Pub

Daily Lunch Menu


Lunch Offer


Monday 18.2.

 Creamy fish soup               39,- Kč


  1. Indian lamb meatballs, curry sauce, rice             145,- Kč
  2. Sandwich with Irish sausages and onions, fries, salad 145,- Kč
  3. Salad with goat cheese and cranberries 119,- Kč



Tuesday 19.2.

Creamy corn soup          39,- Kč


  1. BBQ Pork ribs, coleslaw and roasted potatoes 145,- Kč
  2. Chicken steak, buttered veg, mash             145,- Kč
  3. Salad with mozzarella and tomatoes                         119,- Kč


Wednesday 20.2.

Beef broth with liver dumplings       39,- Kč


  1. Fried cauliflower, boiled potatoes, tartar sauce 145,- Kč
  2. 2. Spicy pulled chicken sandwich with coriander fried onions 145,- Kč
  3. Salad with chickpeas and dried tomatoes 119,- Kč


Thursday 21.2.

Leek soup with herbs              39,- Kč


  1. Beef in root veg creamy sauce, Carlsbad dumplings 145,- Kč
  2. Chicken supreme on salad with lemon dressing 145,- Kč
  3. Salad with dried ham and pickled onions 119,- Kč


Friday 22.2.

Cream of vegetable                 39,- Kč


  1. Slowly braised Brisket, parsley purée, baked pumpkin 145,- Kč
  2. Grilled pork liver with potato mash and gravy 145,- Kč
  3. Salad with blue cheese and garlic dip                         119,- Kč


Don´t forget to get your free small Gambrinus or coke!