The James Joyce Irish Pub

Irish Whiskey

The word whiskey literally means Water of Life, or “Uisce Beatha,” in Gaelic. Mispronunciation over centuries of the Gaelic term led to the word we now know today – Whiskey.

In our Pub we introduce Irish whiskey in the best light to our customers so they may enjoy this unique place as The James Joyce Irish Pub Prague is. You can find over 50 different Irish whiskeys from all corners of Ireland, produced by the most popular distilleries such as Midleton, Bushmills, Cooley and of course Kilbeggan .

We bring you many categories so you can find one that will be suited to your palate. Those categories are defined by Irish law and you can find them written on your bottle of Irish whiskey. There are several types of whiskey common to Ireland: single malt, single grain, blended whiskey, and single pot still Irish whiskey.

As we mentioned in the beginning, we have more than 50 different bottles in stock and they are constantly changing according to the “season”. So let us point out some representative bottles that we have in each category.

Blended Irish Whiskey: Paddy, Powers, Kilbeggan, Inishowen

Single Malt Irish Whiskey: Bushmills (10, 16 y.o.), Connemara Peated Malt (Cask strength, 12 y.o.), Tyrconnell (Madeira cask, Sherry cask, Port cask)

Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey: Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy, Green Spot, Yellow Spot, Powers 12 y.o. John’s Lane

Single Grain Irish Whiskey: Greenore (8 and 18 y.o).

It is hard to say the average price per shot but it is usually around 150,- CZK for single malt Irish whiskey. Ask for the whiskey list or more details at the bar. Also check our black board for special deals.